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Edgerton, The High-Speed Flash - LED flash used for photographing high-velocity bullets with microsecond-long bursts of light(featured on Hackaday and!)

CNC Mini Mill - a small yet functional mill optomized for cutting PCB boards and wood projects

Tracker v3.0 - A guided tracking mount, focuser, power supply, and software for my 80mm AP telescope (featured on Hackaday!)

Tracker v2.0, v2.1, v2.2 - an economical astrophotography mount capable of accurate unguided tracking with 30-second subs at 200mm

Ballistic Chronograph - instrument for measuring the speed of bullets or other high speed objects (featured on Hackaday!)

High-Speed Photography - using the ballistic chronograph to photograph fractures in glassware

Falling Rock in Water Photography - a simpler high-speed photography project involving lego and rocks

Pyrography Power Supply - affordable alternative to overpriced pyrography pen kit power supply (featured on Hackaday!)

Intervalometer - the MIKRO-CHRONOGRPAH is a cheap and elegant camera intervalometer with a solid feature set

IREnE Camera Slider - a timelapse motion tool turned up to 11

In Progress:

Cooled Canon 1000D - modifying a DSLR for astrophotography

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